Tuesday, October 14, 2014

No Longer A Candy Corn Addict

I have gotten rid of my candy corn addiction. No such thing you say? (if you are not a candy corn addict) Or...Impossible! Nothing can get rid of that addiction! (if you ARE a fellow candy corn addict) Trust me, I'm the most shocked of all...but it's true!

If you have been in Target, Walmart, or really any grocery store within the last month you have seen the abundance of Halloween candy just begging for the taking. For a few extremely strong individuals, the variety of sugar wonderfulness is not a temptation. But for others like myself, it is a test of true willpower and fortitude.

I should explain I am typically a bitter salty girl - meaning I will choose chips and salsa every time over cake. However, as the blog title explains, a weakness at my core (literally), is candy corn. Every fall I get truly giddy when candy corn --- and its scrumptious little friend mellow creme pumpkins --- are available for purchase. I am usually the first one in line to buy in bulk and continue purchasing throughout the month with full intent to overeat and get the classic Halloween tummy ache (and accompanying belly fat!). If you are giggling at this concept or you wonder how one could love a candy that has texture like candle wax, then read this as if it were your favorite candy or holiday dessert because come on people - we all have a weakness or 10 at this time of year!

Seriously - I can't believe it either. What is the difference? First, let's back up to September when I noticed the change. I had remained strong and not purchased any candy corn despite the constant temptations. However, I had not forgotten that a fellow candy corn addict had given me a bag of candy corn at the end of last year's season. I opened it to "add to fall decor" (ya right). I dug my paw in that bowl pretty much right away and thought "hmmmm - not as good as I remember - stale perhaps?" Maybe...but my son says it tastes great and I still have not wanted to eat it! Whaaaaa? Yup, it's true! And as I have gone to grocery stores following this event I have not purchased candy corn (with no real urge to do so)!

So whatever your fall, Thanksgiving or Christmas food temptation is the time to combat those cravings and conquer them!

Stacie Tracy,

Live Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy!

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